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Did you know our tuning team have been in the tuning industry for years and some have worked for the leading brands in the automotive custom tuning world developing tunes for their pre-loaded devices?

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Gen 3 Coyote DI vs PI

Posted by Matt Alderman on

There have been many discussions on if you should adjust the port and direct injection percentages used. The simple answer is yes. Direct injection has been around for many years. It has proven its place to be more efficient than port injection. Yet more complex due to the need of a high pressure pump and the higher cost of fuel injectors. But with utilizing this technology we can reduce spark knock thus more power. This will add complexity to the tune side of the calibration since the injection timing will need to be tweaked based on the engines needs. Some of the downfalls of direct injection is the higher cost for the components and higher level of noise from the components. Ford has worked to reduce some of the noise with foam around the high pressure pump. With tuning it is not uncommon to hear a little more noise from the high pressure pump if the fuel pressure has been raised. This does not have any adverse effect on the pump life. To wrap this up, there are many benefits to working with the latest technical addition to the coyote engine.


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Tuner Tech: Changing Fuels

We receive a lot of requests for both 87 octane and 93 Octane tunes, for the same vehicle. This can cause issues, so you have to be very careful. Draining the tank isn't always an option for the customer, so we've come up with some simple steps to ensure you have the correct fuel, for [...]

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Tuner Tech: Air / Fuel Ratio

Today we are discussing AFR (Air Fuel Ratio). As a “tuner”, you may be rolling your eyes now, saying “I already know about this”. This may be true, but are your customers educated on AFR when you are performing a remote tune? That’s what this article is geared towards. When the customer are acquiring data [...]

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Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new website!Welcome to the new ID Motorsports website / web store. Please, take a look around, add some items to your shopping cart, and let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Thanks for visiting.

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